Types of Tyre Puncture and When they can be Repaired?

Types of Tyre Puncture

There are several types of punctures that can occur in tires, including:

  1. Nail or screw puncture: This is a common type of puncture where a nail or screw penetrates the tire tread.
  2.  Sidewall puncture: This type of puncture occurs on the sidewall of the tire, which can be more challenging to repair and may require tire replacement.
  3. Bead puncture: A bead puncture happens when the tire’s bead, which seals the tire to the rim, is damaged.
  4. Valve stem puncture: This occurs when the valve stem, which allows air to be added or released from the tire, is damaged or leaking.

Can i get the Tyre puncture Repaired?

Yes! As long as the puncture is in repairable zone and there is no other damage to the tyre and its roadworthy tyre, puncture in a tyre can be Repaired.Following are the few methods of The Tyre Puncture repair:-

  1. Patch repair: This involves removing the tire from the rim, locating the puncture, and applying a patch to seal the hole. The patch is typically a rubber patch that is glued onto the inside of the tire.
  2. Plug repair: A plug repair involves inserting a rubber plug into the puncture hole from the outside of the tire. This is a temporary fix and should be followed up with a patch repair for a more permanent solution.
  3. Combination repair: In some cases, a combination of patch and plug repair may be used for off-rim puncture repair. This involves using a patch on the inside of the tire and a plug on the outside.

It’s important to note that off-rim puncture repair should be done by a professional tire technician to ensure proper and safe repair. Additionally, not all punctures can be repaired, especially if they are too large or in certain areas of the tire. In such cases, tire replacement may be necessary.

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