Mobile Tyre & Battery Services Schofields

Mobile Tyre & Battery Services in Schofields for Your Convenience

We offer reliable mobile tyre and battery services in Schofields, focusing on customer satisfaction and convenience. Our dedicated team provides prompt assistance for roadside tyre replacement, mobile puncture repair, and car battery replacement, ensuring a quick return to the road.

Experience Hassle-Free Roadside Tyre Replacement

In Schofields, our roadside tyre replacement service offers prompt and efficient solutions for flat tyres. Our skilled technicians arrive promptly, equipped with the necessary tools, to replace your tyre efficiently. We understand the urgency and inconvenience of flat tyres and strive to minimize both for you.



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Swift Mobile Car Puncture Repair Services

A punctured tyre can cause frustration, but our mobile car puncture repair service in Schofields offers quick and effective solutions. Our expert team is available to patch up small nails or slow leaks, ensuring you can get back on the road without delay. Choose our service for a quick and effective solution.


Tyre puncture repair involves fixing small holes in the tyre to restore its ability to hold air and maintain proper inflation pressure. We follow Australian Safety Standards to ensure the repair is safe and effective.

Contact us via phone or the contact form when you need puncture repair. We’ll provide a reasonable quote for the service. Our technician will inspect the damage at your location, patch or plug the punctured tyre according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and ensure proper inflation.

To repair a puncture, assess its location and size, remove the tyre, inspect the inside, insert a repair plug, trim excess plug material, apply vulcanizing cement, cure with a machine, re-inflate, and check the pressure and torque of wheel nuts.